9 Fun Things to do in Malta with Kids

A hidden gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a tiny but mighty island you should not pass up visiting! It is not a very well-known destination, at least to us here in North America, so it feels extra special that we got to travel there with our kids. Will and I have been to Malta 3 times, but it was a first for our 6 and 8 year olds. We spent 10 days there.

If you love beautiful beaches, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, interesting history and amazing landscapes and architecture, then this is one place you have to visit!

We decided to travel to Malta in August. Was it our favourite month? Probably not, but it worked with school and work responsibilities. If you do go in August, be prepared for the heat…which we were. It was perfect for all the time we spent at the beach and pool. 

I would recommend hiring a car when in Malta, the activities are spread out all around the island and it’s much easier to jump from village to village with your own car rather than relying on the buses, even more so if you’re travelling with kids. We rented one at the airport and had it for our entire visit. 

9 things to do in Malta the whole family can enjoy;

1. Limestone Heritage Centre

If you are looking at learning about some of the history of Malta, definitely check this place out. When we arrived, we were escorted to a theatre where we watched a quick introduction to the facility. 

After that we were all given headphones (even the kids) and went outside. We were guided around the old quarry where mannequins, tools and rooms were set up. It was actually a lot more impressive then I was imagining, who knew stones could be so interesting! 

They also have a small animal park outside, probably my kids favourite part! They loved feeding the donkeys and goats. Apparently they do stone carving demonstrations but we missed it. 

2. Fort St. Elmo and the National War Museum

There are a ton of activities if you are in the capital city of Valletta! We did not have time to see everything but Fort St. Elmo was definitely worth it! Admission also includes the National War Museum. Malta is so full of history and it was fascinating to learn how many times other countries have tried to conquer this tiny island. 

It’s amazing to learn how the people of Malta continue thriving after the battles that have taken place dating back to the 1500’s and right through to WW2. Super interesting for all of us!

3. Beaches

There are beaches all around the island of Malta and the weather in the summer, even into autumn is perfect for it! We stayed in the village of Mellieha so we stuck to the beaches around there including Mellieha Bay and Palm Beach. Mellieha Bay is very well known, large and can get busy. 

It has restaurants and activities like water inflatables to enjoy. Palm beach is smaller and there are areas that are much quieter. There is one restaurant and toilets there as well. If you make it out to the neighbouring island of Gozo, check out Marsalforn Beach, a cute little beach surrounded by cafes and beautiful European architecture.

4. Playmobil

If you have younger kids Playmobil is such a cute place to visit. Did you know Playmobil is made in Malta? When you arrive you can enjoy the life-size Playmobil characters in a castle that you can take pictures with. 

You can also visit the gift store, but for just a few Euros you can enjoy playing and building with all things Playmobil! The entry fee also gives you access to a large playground with a pirate ship theme. Your young children are sure to enjoy this place!

5. Go to a Village Festa

I absolutely love the Maltese tradition of the Festa or feast! It is a religious celebration honouring their patron saint and each village has their own. It was so amazing to see the whole village (and beyond) getting together to eat, drink, dance and enjoy fireworks. 

The streets are usually closed off around the main square so plan to walk if you’re staying near otherwise, like us, you’ll be walking a fair bit! The fireworks were really quite amazing, a lot of work goes into preparing for the Festa’s that typically go for a few days. 

6. Visit a Fortified City

Malta has a few fortified cities all around the country, including one on the island of Gozo. Take in the history as you walk around the narrow, cobblestone streets. One of our favourite walled cities is Mdina (the old capital city). Sitting high on a hill, it has amazing views and little souvenir shops. For delicious food with a view check out Fontanella Tea Garden. 

7. Take the Ferry to Gozo 

Gozo is part of Malta, it’s a neighbouring smaller island. We took the ferry from the northern tip of Malta (Cirkewwa) which takes about 25 minutes. The ship itself was pretty fun for the kids. It’s a car ferry, so from the top deck you can watch the large doors opening and shutting for the cars coming in and out. There’s food and toilets on board too. 

When we arrived in Gozo, we drove to the capital city of Victoria and went into the Citadel, the walled city. After that we headed down the cobblestoned roads and enjoyed coffee and a snack at Vicky Coffee (they roast their beans in house!). We then drove to Marsalforn to swim and spend time at the beach. It was so hot when we were there so it was extra nice! Check out Pierre’s Restaurant for some yummy pizza walking distance from the beach!

8. Eat Pastizzi 

I would say almost everyday we stopped at a cafe somewhere in Malta to grab a coffee and pastizzi! It’s a crispy pastry with a savory filling. My favorite was filled with ricotta cheese. Peas are also a common filling.

9. See the Luzzu in Marsaxlokk

Luzzu are traditional Maltese fishing boats that are painted in multiple colours. It’s so pretty to look out into the harbour and see them all. Keep a look out for the eye on each boat. It’s said to bring the fisherman luck and safety when they are out at sea. Make sure to walk along the harbour and check out the markets, we were able to get some souvenirs here! 

Final thoughts on Malta:

Malta is a mix of culture, history and beautiful landscapes that you don’t want to miss! Definitely rent a car so you can get around at your own pace. There are so many interesting places that you and your kids can enjoy! For more ideas in Malta, check out our Top 5 Villages to Visit in Malta!

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